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REPOST Kristen Stewart on the set of “Sils Maria” in Leipzig (September 2013).

Translation: Interview Kristen Stewart with Vogue (Germany)

Congratulations, Nicholas Ghesquière managed to have you sign up for another year as a spokesperson*. He’s not the only designer who raves about you…

Honestly, I really have no explanation for all that myself. But I feel very comfortable in being a muse. You meet so many talented people, who, in turn, inspire me as well. So [this inspiration] is mutual. And I like the creative energy that is present during shootings. It’s like making a mini-movie and it allows me to approach the world of fashion and beauty in a completely new way.

(*In the original, the reporter talks about Kristen being the “testimonial” for Rosabotanica. As that just doesn’t make any sense - neither in German nor in English - I decided to translate it according to what I think she meant, namely Kristen being the spokesperson/face.)

During the shooting for the Rosabotanica campaign your body was adorned by exotic floral ornaments. You also wear smoky eyes and a casual up-do. What kind of styling do you prefer for your everyday life?

I really enjoy getting styled for shootings or movie premieres. And I like wearing flashy eye make-up – if it fits for the occasion, that is. But to be honest, what you see on the red carpet is the result of the work of a lot of talented stylists. Personally, I prefer keeping it natural. I love wearing outfits that are clean and easy. And definitely black eyeliner.

Eyeliner is a beauty product without which you won’t leave the house?

I don’t wear a lot of make-up. That has never been a big thing for me. But I always have black eyeliner with me. It’s a great product because you can use it in a variety of ways.

Your favorite way?

Blurred, as in an “undone” kind of look. I always wash my face at night, but I never remove my eye-make-up. It simply looks too good the next morning.

On what occasions do you like to wear perfume?

Before I became the face [of the fragrance] I didn’t have much experience with perfume. The fresh rose smell of Florabotanica quickly became my daily companion. I often used it. Now, it is nice to have an alternative. Rosabotanica I love to use in the evenings. The aromatic and sensual composition is kind of daring but perfect for going out.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’ve just been on the Sundance Film Festival to present my new film “Camp X-Ray”. It was really great to see the crew again. I like the festival a lot – cool people and independent movies. And soon, the shooting for “Still Alice” will begin in New York, an exciting new project. Julianne Moore is going to play my mother, who gets Alzheimer. I love Julianne, she is a wonderful actress.

In 2014, “Sils Maria”, which was partly shot in Berlin, will also find its way into the theaters. How did you like the city?

We worked a lot, but fortunately I also had some time to get to know the city a bit. I love Berlin. It’s a very dynamic and unique city. We also filmed in Sils Maria, it’s beautiful there!

You attend premieres, shoot movies in New York and travel the world as an ambassador of beauty – what else do you wish to happen in the new year?

Unintentionally, I took a long break from working. That’s why I wish to get some professional challenges in 2014. There is nothing better than to do things you love.

Translation: @KStewandRPatz

Source: Vogue Germany

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